Want to Get More Leads? Cut Down Your Choices

 To get more leads, you may have researched and found many different methods of doing so. This due diligence can end up causing good advice to become a train wreck. If you're guilty of this, take heart; you can fix it simply by just cutting down the choices you're offering.

Let's explore this idea.

Blog Posts

When you write a blog post, it's tempting to include every link to everything you have inside the post. While you do want to include some in-content links to freebies to build your list, when it comes to the point of the post and the offer you make your audience, you should narrow it down to only one call to action - one that fits in best with the point of the post.

If that post is supposed to be viral, ask them to share. If it's supposed to promote something you bought, the link must be to the product landing page, so you know what to do to get it. You get the idea. If you have another purpose you'd like to fulfill, write another post.

Want to Get More Leads Cut Down Your Choices

Email Campaigns

When you send out an email message, you want to keep them short. It's tempting to throw in every offer you have in your signature but the truth is, you'll get a more positive response if you have only one CTA per email. Having said that, sometimes it's okay to put one more if it's closely related and time sensitive. Otherwise, a whole other short email is best.

Sales Pages

Creating a sales page should mean that you give your audience just one choice, but sometimes there are so many different features that you may need to offer more than one choice or levels. This is true with software. But you still want to keep the offers as low as possible. One way to overcome overwhelm is to highlight the one that is most chosen, or offer a survey to help them narrow down their choice.

Guest Post Bio

When you get the opportunity to guest post on that million-hitter blog, it's hard not to want to put all three links they gave you into the signature line. But the truth is, you should just put one link and it should be to a special landing page just for them. You'll get more responses, and the bonus is that more landing pages makes your website more attractive to search engines.

Your Home Page

When you create your home page, it's hard not to include links to everything you have so they don't miss out. But the best way to do it is having a menu hierarchy with only a few major links or even a "getting started" or "start here" link to help newbies find their way.

It seems like if you want to get more leads, the answer is to give fewer choices. While you're giving them fewer choices per engagement, you can still make more offers since you're doing them one at a time. Don't slow down your offers, just make them one at a time and include them in your funnel.

An effective marketing funnel puts your business on autopilot and consistently turns prospects into paying customers if you structure it the right way. To learn more about making your marketing funnel produce the intended result, lots of traffic, lots of prospects and lots of sales, download my free Sales Funnel Checklist at https://jonallo.com/salesfunnel

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